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Emerald Oils

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About the company

Michael Corbett and his family are proud that they are the third generation of Corbetts to farm this land in lush Tipperary meadows. Blessed with some of the most fertile and productive soil in Ireland, deciding on a fresh direction was easy. Creating the very best... well, that takes a bit more care and attention.

When deciding to diversify into growing rapeseed, Michael was certain that the only way to do it right was to carefully manager the entire process from sowing the seed to harvesting, pressing and bottling. Every single stage in creating Emerald Rapeseed Oil is completed from start to finish directly down on the Corbett farm.

The best rapeseed oils, just like the finest wines embody the very soul of the land and the care of the producer. Emerald Oil seduces the eye with its golden colour of liquid sunshine, teases the senses and delightes the palette with its pure favour combined with a subtle, pleasant and distinctive aftertaste. For the Corbetts, it's a fruit of their holistic vision and proof that doing it all equals doing it right.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Promotes Biodiversity

Emerald Oils have committed to planting 50m of hedgerow and 10 additional trees every year until 2022 to improve the biodiversity at their site.

Focus on Health and Nutrition

Emerald Oils are committed to educating the consumer of the health benefits of their product, how to use Rapeseed oil in cooking instead of butter, coconut oil and olive oil, the high burn point, less saturated fat and the many uses of cold pressed rapeseed oil: baking, frying, roasting, marinating, salad dressings, dips and stir fries. This will be done through Social media videos/recipes, In-store supermarket tastings, food fairs & charity cooking demonstrations.