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Everest Granola Ltd

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About the company

The business was incorporated in July 2014 and commenced trading in September 2014 as the creators of Everest were not satisfied with the granola cups available on the market. They were too small, tasteless, unhealthy and imported. Therefore their quest was simple, to create a ridiculously tasty and healthy “on the go” solution made from natural ingredients.

They felt passionate that the product was made in Ireland and it consisted of real food such as nuts, seeds, wholegrain oats and fruit.

Everest provides a gourmet granola cup which is made from ridiculously tasty natural ingredients. It is far too easy to start the day by either missing breakfast or having an unhealthy non-nutritious option. Everest provides a convenient solution of a great product at good value at any time of the day. Everest operates in the retail and food service market both in Ireland and the UK.

Everest will launch a new range of products this year. Watch this space.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Responsible Sourcing

Everest Granola have committed to sourcing 100% of raw materials from suppliers with recognised sustainability certifications by 2022.

Commitment to Social Knowledge Sharing

Everest Granola plan to publish 2 videos per year until 2022 on social media channels that promote healthy eating on the go and staying healthy. They will also Visit 3 schools per annum up to 2022 to raise awareness on healthy eating in a busy world.

Focus on Health and Nutrition

Everest Granola have committed to reducing their sugar content by 5 percent by 2022 in all products. They will also work with a fellow Origin Green member to produce a lactose free yogurt.