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Gem Pack Foods Ltd

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Approved until 31 May 2021



About the company

We started Gem Pack Foods in 1967 as a small importer of specialist dried fruit, nuts and seeds. Over time, our products were used by Irish mums to provide wholesome home baked products for their families. Today, in homes, cafes, restaurants and more, our products are everywhere you eat. We are a wholly owned Irish company who are passionate about baking and cooking and constantly trying to develop new products and packaging to make life in the kitchen more enjoyable.

In 2012 Gem Pack Foods acquired the Sowan’s brand. At Sowan’s we are committed to producing wholesome, quality products. Our Sowan's range brings together the best ingredients to create our unique and, most importantly, tasty products. Sowan’s is a health focused brand with a rapidly growing portfolio. We have a comprehensive range of gluten free and regular baking mixes, a wholefoods and wholegrains range, and a nut butter range.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Focus on Waste Reduction

Gem Pack Foods are committed to reducing waste by 5% year on year over a 5 year period. For example, efforts are on-going to ensure that minimum amounts of paper are used for packaging purposes.

Focus on Health and Nutrition

Committed to increasing consumer-related health and nutrition information through their digital platforms. Examples include introducing healthy eating education info on their website and social media platforms and updating all nutritional product information.

Committed to Responsible Sourcing

Gem Pack Foods are committed to increasing their number of raw material suppliers who have an Environmental Management System in place and/or who hold recognised sustainability credentials.