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Janet's Country Fayre

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Spotlight Target Area: Energy
Janet’s Country Fayre has been steadily increasing sales & production levels since
the inception of the business. Within its current sustainability plan (2020-2024), the
company has set a target to reduce energy usage per kilogram of product produced
by 10% over the lifetime of the plan. To drive this, Janet’s Country Fayre engaged
the services of an energy consultant who identified that some of the equipment
being used in production was older and using more energy than newer machines.
The company identified more energy efficient machines, including the upgrading
of an outdated shrink wrap machine to a newer and more efficient model and also
has invested in an additional larger cooking vat (120kgs) which will be gas fired and
has extended the length of production runs which also improves overall efficiency.
Throughout 2020, these initiatives drove a significant improvement in energy usage
per unit of output, with the company having reduced usage by 7% over its 2019

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