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Morans Megajam Ltd

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Approved until 31 May 2023



About the company

Moran's Mega jam was set up in 2010 by husband and wife team, Kieron & Claire Moran. After training in Cathal Brugha Street and many years working in the catering industry, when we moved to Cavan, we found ourselves with some spare time at the weekends, so we took part in our local farmers market as a hobby. We started with a small selection of home-made jams, using fruit from our farm and as the weeks and months went on, our products became more popular and we were selling out each week, so we started increasing our product range with some quirky combinations. Our local Supervalu store owner approached us about stocking his store and with his help and lots of work, we were supplying him shortly after and we continued to grow as a result, marketing our products at local and national food festivals and events.

We took part in the Food Academy Programme and were very successful in getting a nationwide contract with Musgraves.

We also featured on Dragons Den and were successful in attaining a Dragon to be part of our business.

All our produce are hand made in our production premises in Cavan, we don't have any automation we believe in people power. Our product are created in the traditional method with innovative twist., We also have a very good on-line website service, social media and We have collaborate with local producers to create a new and unique product example ,we make a country relish which is used by a local producer in his hand made sausages and we also collaborate with an ice cream company making quirky combinations for them.

We use 90% local and Irish ingredients in our products, unfortunately we cannot source or get exotic fruit i.e, orange , pineapples, mango's etc in Ireland so far.

Currently, we supply all Supervalu's ,Centra's , Londis, stores in the Republic of Ireland, a selection of craft butcher shops, artisan food outlets, independent stores and take part in as many food festivals and events as possible.

Throughout the pandemic we were part of neighbour food the on line platform that was set up for small producers to sell their products,.

We secured our first international order to Austrilia and we are working with a company in Finland & Italy who are looking at taking our products to Irish stores over there.

We also supply a small selection of food outlets in Northern Ireland and attend food festivals, including The BBC Good Food Show in Belfast.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Our company main sustainability challenges have been identified as Packaging, Reduce Waste, Reduce energy costs and training staff in sustainability. Our company has been driving by it's responsibility and awareness of our impact and how we can improve environmental efficiencies.

· We source local and natural ingredients. Our whole ethos is to make better decisions in the future in our business to help the environment and create a leaner and sustainable source for our Jams & Chutneys which we take pride in.

· · We make sure to group our deliveries of stock into full loads to reduce carbon emissions from vehicle deliveries.

· We're conscious of our impact on the environment and examine our waste, energy usage and packaging choices to do what we can to bring more balance to the world. This is not just about reducing the amount of packaging we use but also making it easier for customers to recycle our products.

· For festivals, we have used both plastic and paper bags but have now changed to paper only and are currently sourcing a reusable bag.

· Reducing waste, mainly using fresh fruits & Veg, Contacting companies that would use our orange peel or other fruits to make scented products, like pot pourri or candles.

· Harvesting Rain water- our objective is to introduce a rain barrel so all collected water can now be used for washing our van, general cleaning and also outside our premises.

· Our commitment to wholesome, healthier food led to the introduction of a No Added Sugar range in 2017 and more recently we have introduced

· two more no added sugar range , which is just as sweet as the traditional taste our customers come to expect. We also have a great range of receipts and cooking ideas on our website. to which we're constantly adding new recipes.

· A wholesome, more sustainable future is what we want to assure and making good Jams & Chutneys in a sustainable way is how we intend to do it.

· Reduce our carbon footprint as part of a carbon management strategy

· Work diligently with Bord Bia on finding more sustainable sources of packaging for a better future.

· We provide jobs locally - all our staff living only 20 minutes from the Company