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Newgrange Gold

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Approved until 31 May 2023



About the company

Established in 2010 by John Rogers, Newgrange Gold is ran from the Rogers' family farm overlooking the historic and beautiful Boyne Valley. John saw an opportunity in creating a brand that connected the rich and ancient soils of the Boyne valley and the high-quality food that is produced there. The birth of Newgrange Gold came from seeing oilseed rape grown on the Rogers farm leaving in trailers to the local merchant and from there, the seed was sown for the potential business opportunity on their doorstep. Today, Newgrange Gold sells a range of products including rapeseed oil, infused rapeseed oil with garden herbs, chilli & garlic, chilli & lemon, etc. with its products available in stores nationwide.

Spotlight Target Area: Packaging
As the farm of Newgrange Gold covers almost 150 acres of the Boyne Valley, the
company have contributed positively to increasing and protecting biodiversity within
the region. Newgrange Gold is a proud member of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan and
supports biodiversity initiatives wherever possible across its unique landscape.
Throughout 2020, the company demonstrated an exemplary performance in the
target areas of packaging and community engagement. Within the packaging area, the
company has worked diligently to reduce outer case cardboard on its packaging, being
over 10% ahead of its target set since 2018. The company also continues to contribute
to its local community, supporting groups such as Slane Mens Sheds, Rossin Rovers
and the East Coast Tree Project.

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