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Salann Mara Acla Teo T/a Achill Island Sea Salt

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Approved until 31 May 2021



About the company

Achill Island Sea Salt was founded by the O’ Malley Family in 2013, an idea inspired by the long forgotten tradition of salt production on Achill Island. In the time-honoured style, they began producing sea salt in their family kitchen. Growing demand however, saw them move to a new facility on the Island in September 2016. Achill Island Sea Salt is a revival of salt production on the island, combining traditional and modern techniques. The characteristics of Achill Island Sea Salt are directly linked to the high mineral content of the grade A waters that surround Achill Island combined with the slow evaporation process to create the distinctive tasting and textured sea salt flakes. The aim of Achill Island Sea Salt is to create a great tasting, pure and natural Irish Sea salt using natural and sustainable production methods and provide a viable industry on Achill Island. The company values its local resources and every effort is carried out to ensure that this environment is conserved.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Manufacturing Processes

Achill Island Sea Salt have set out to improve their energy efficiency in order to reduce their carbon emissions and develop a more sustainable sea salt production process. This will involve working with energy and engineer experts to assess their current production facility to see where they can improve and develop infrastructures to increase efficiency.

Raw Material Sourcing

Sea water is the only input in Achill Island Sea Salt’s production process, at no stage are any additional ingredients added. The Atlantic Ocean that surrounds Achill Island is classed as Grade A, the highest-grade water can achieve and it is this water that contributes to the unique taste and texture of their salt. Achill Island Sea Salt are committed to working with the local community to ensure that the quality of the sea water around Achill Island is maintained.

Social Sustainability

Salt is an essential mineral and without it our bodies cannot function. While research has shown that too much salt in the diet can have effects on our salt, through Achill Island Sea Salt’s social responsibility target they aim to educate their customers on the benefits of using sea salt over highly processed table salt. By developing simple recipes on their website, they hope that this will inspire people to cook their own food, that is beautifully seasoned.

They have also set out to develop the food tourism and tourism industry on Achill Island. Achill Island Sea Salt aim to increase visitor numbers year on year, offering a unique and authentic food experience for visitors. Achill Island has a number of brilliant food and drink producers, and they hope that the development of the visitor centre will encourage other producers to create similar food experiences.