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Sussed Nutrition Limited

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Approved until 31 May 2022



About the company

Sussed is a small company with a giant goal. Everything we do is for the goodness of your heart. We source the finest ingredients from our natural world to create sustainable foods which can help you live a healthier, happier lifestyle. The only oils fully endorsed and recommended by My Nutrition Ireland.

Suitable for Vegans.

Our Algae is grown in vats, in a pure and controlled environment before being cold pressed to release the oil, which is then blended with cold pressed Rapeseed Oil. This special, cold pressed method ensures that all the omegas and vitamins are retained to provide a powerhouse of nutrients, proven to boost brain function, vision maintenance and optimal heart health. So, for the highest amount of good fats and the lowest level of saturated fats, make Sussed you're new Healthy Heart choice.

  • Sussed 2 Cal Spray
  • Sussed Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oll
  • Sussed Algae Oil and Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oll

NPD coming soon:

  • Sports Nutritional Bites
  • Kids Vege and Fruit Bites "contains 1 of your 5 a day"
  • Adults Vege and Fruit Bites "contains 1 of your 5 a day"

Key Sustainability Commitments

Commited to Responsible Sourcing

Sussed have set a target of having all the ingredients which go into flavoured oils to be Fairtrade by 2018. 100% of their oilseed suppliers are IGAS certified.

Commitment to Reducing their Environmental Impact

Sussed have set a target of sourcing 95% FSC certified cardboard for their packaging b 2019. 100% of their plastic bottles are recyclable and BPA free. "Focus on Health and Nutrition: Sussed's Algae and Rapeseed Oil is Europe's healthiest oil. It contains Omega 3 DHA. They will also be launching a new range of healthy bars. One of these products is suited to children and will provide them with one of their '5 a day'"