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Trudies Catering Kitchen ltd.

Membership Status:

Approved until 31 May 2023



Key Sustainability Commitments

Our environmental policy commits Trudie's Catering Kitchen to meet, and where we can, exceed the targets set out in our Origin Green sustainability plan on an annual basis. By implementing best practice, we will continually monitor and record data, which will allow us to meet the targets required to create a more environmentally sustainable and viable business. This will be achieved on a continuous basis and communicated to all members of staff. We will cover all aspects required to meet our duty of care and reduce our overall impact on the environment.

  • § To improve our sustainability on a continuous basis.
  • § To review our environmental impact and amend any areas that require attention.
  • § To provide training to personnel.
  • § To create a safe and sustainable working environment.
  • § To create environmental awareness within the company.
  • § To monitor and maintain environmental records daily.
  • § To meet and exceed where possible the targets set out in our Sustainability Plan annually.
  • § To reduce the waste placed on the Irish market and implement measures to continually reduce packaging.
  • § To uphold current environmental legislation and meet the standards required.
  • To operate in a sustainable, responsible and environmentally friendly manner