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K & K Produce

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About the company

K&K Produce, a family-owned company, specialise in growing, producing and sourcing fresh potatoes, fruit and vegetables in Ireland. The company prides itself on sourcing home grown Irish produce and also works alongside approved international growers to ensure the needs of customers are met. K&K Produce serve a wide range of customers including Supermarkets, Symbol Groups, the Foodservice Industry, Independent Retailers and the Export market. Its innovative product team is on hand to develop new concepts which help its customers meet the changing needs of consumers. Sustainability is rooted in K&K Produce's values, and it has worked hard over the years to ensure its actions have a positive impact on the environment.

Spotlight Target Area: Water
Five years ago, K&K Produce undertook a significant project to eliminate the discharge
of wastewater through settlement tanks and to reduce its overall consumption of
water. By looking at comparable systems throughout Europe, a system was designed
which enabled the company to recycle 100% of water used in production with a re-use
rate of up to 90%.
Within its current sustainability plan (2018-2022), K&K Produce set a target to reduce
water usage per tonne of output by 40% by 2022. Following the implementation
of a series of initiatives and the project outlined above, the company has reduced
water usage by 69% per unit over its baseline usage level – a significant milestone.
Exemplary performance has been shown in this target area annually over the course of
the company’s sustainability plan and such has been the level of success, the company
has recalibrated the target to aim for a 79% reduction by the end of 2022.

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