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Kerrigan's Mushrooms

Membership Status:

Approved until 31 May 2023



About the company

Kerrigan's Mushrooms was established in 1981 in Kells, Co. Meath. Today, the company still remains a family-run enterprise which prides itself on producing the very best quality Irish mushrooms under its own Kerrigan's brand name, as well as producing mushrooms for many private label retail brands. The company's range of mushroom products includes fresh loose Irish mushrooms, pre-packed fresh Irish mushrooms, exotic mushroom selections, sliced mushrooms, customised mixes, organic, as well as ready to cook value added mushroom products.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Enhancing Biodiversity:

As part of their Origin Green plan, Kerrigan's Mushrooms planted 100 meters of native hedgerow along the boundary of their site in an effort to enhance local biodiversity.

Commitment to Responsible Sourcing:

Kerrigan's Mushrooms are committed to sourcing 50% of their raw materials from companies who have recognised sustainability credentials in place.

Exemplary Performance Target Areas

Minimum Origin Green Targets Required Annually = 5

Spotlight Target Area: Supplier Certification

Kerrigan’s Mushrooms believe in sustainability not only for the clear reason that it’s the right thing to do for future generations, but because it’s the right thing to do for any growing business that values efficiency and forward-thinking. The company makes a difference by reducing energy inputs, monitoring the company’s overall carbon footprint, managing materials responsibly and lessening its environmental impact wherever possible.

Having initially become an Origin Green verified member in 2014, Kerrigan’s has established a set of clear goals and objectives to achieve sustainable business growth. This is reflected in the strong performance from the company throughout 2019. 

To meet ongoing commitments, senior management within the company lead by example, with Karen Kerrigan (Marketing & Quality Manager), driving the day-to-day implementation of the company’s sustainability targets. Within the target area of supplier certification, Kerrigan’s aim is to produce as sustainably as possible and target growers who also employ sustainable and safe production methods. 

Sustainable & Traceable

With the target of sourcing 80% of its raw materials from suppliers who provide robust sustainability certifications by 2022. In order to achieve this, the company has implemented the following initiatives:

  • Insist that all growers are members of the Bord Bia Sustainable Horticulture Assurance (SHAS) for producers and packers.
  • Issue all suppliers with a comprehensive Supplier Questionnaire and strict Product Specifications to ensure quality parameters and high standards are being  met.
  • Full traceability on all produce guaranteed through the company’s system of supplier approval records.

In 2019, Kerrigan’s met its sourcing target with 100% of suppliers having recognised and robust sustainability certifications in place.

Sustainability has always been integral to Kerrigan’s; in this regard, the company has invested considerably in improving its energy efficiency and carbon footprint over the last few years. 

John Kerrigan, CEO/MD


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