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Monaghan Mushrooms Group

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About the company

In the early 1980's, school teacher Ronnie Wilson gave up teaching to create Monaghan Mushrooms. Over the last 35 years, the company has grown to become one of the largest fresh mushroom producers in the world, serving some of the largest international retailers. Driven by a passion to provide consumers with a fresh and high quality food, the company is involved in all aspects of growing mushrooms.

We produce the mushroom substrate, then grow, pack and deliver our mushrooms to customers in many countries. We're committed to leading the mushroom category, spreading knowledge about the benefits of mushrooms and investing in innovation and research. Ronnie continues to lead the company, along with his family and over 3,500 employees across their sites in Ireland, UK, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Canada.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Reducing their Environment Impact:

Monaghan Mushrooms have set a target to reduce usage of peat in their process by 25 - 33% by 2019, by succeeding in their ongoing research programme to recycle peat. They have also successfully designed, constructed and trialled new paper punnets in a bid to begin the replacement of plastic mushroom punnets.

Encouraging Biodiversity:

Each site has Biodiversity Action Plans in place that include initiatives such as relaxed moving regimes, planting, construction of bird boxes, log piles, butterfly baths and bug hotels.

Supporting Local Communities:

As part of their Social Sustainability in 2017 they began a partnership with the local Institute of Technology in a 1-year course in Science and Food Production. This course includes extensive work placements within the R&D Department of Monaghan Mushrooms across the academic year.

Focus on Health and Nutrition:

Monaghan Mushrooms strive to increase the health and nutritional content of mushrooms. This has led to the successful development of a new Monaghan Mushroom, enriched with Vitamin D. Research has concluded that more than 10 million people in the UK are deficient in Vitamin D and the FSAI concluded that the Irish population did not consume enough Vitamin D in their diet.

Launched in 2014, Vitamin D mushroom sales increased by 165% in 2017 and are currently available in over 3,000 retail shops across Ireland and the UK. Continuing on this innovative journey, in November 2017 the company launched their new Mighty Mushroom product; containing high levels of both Vitamin D and Selenium, which contribute to a healthy immune system.