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Slaney Farms Produce Ltd

Membership Status:

Membership Pending



Spotlight Target Area: Community Engagement
Slaney Farms became an Origin Green member in 2017. Since then, it has set targets
around a number of different areas of the business including supplier certification,
packaging, energy, fuel, waste, and community engagement, being fully committed
to achieving and surpassing set targets going forward. The company demonstrated an
exemplary performance within the areas of supplier certification, primary producer
sustainability initiatives, and community engagement throughout the year 2020.
Harvesting traditionally grown varieties, the company’s farm and state-of-the-art
packaging facility operates sustainable practices to deliver optimal freshness to the
consumer. Passionate about community engagement, the company sponsors and
participates in local initiatives, with Slaney Farms being particularly proud of the role
it plays in helping to keep jobs intact within the Wexford region.


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