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Nutramara Ltd

Membership Status:

Approved until 31 May 2021



About the company

Nutramara Ltd. is a marine biotechnology company located in Tralee, County Kerry. Founded in 2017, the company sustainably utilises the renewable and natural resource of seaweed sourced from the west coast of Ireland. Through a novel production process in a state of the art facility, marine ingredients are extracted from the seaweed which can in turn be utilised across a variety of different industries, including nutraceuticals, functional foods, beverages, and cosmetics.

Since its inception, Nutramara has enjoyed strong growth and now exports its extracts to customers in Asia and across Europe. The company has also developed an in-house brand lab through which its novel extracts are applied in consumer ready products biodesigned for conscious consumers

Key Sustainability Commitments

Ensure Sustainably Sourced Raw Materials

Become zero waste by utilizing a biorefinery process Maintain chemical free processing Participate in community initiatives Promote the benefits of marine ingredients to the general public

Exemplary Performance Target Areas

Minimum Origin Green Targets Required Annually = 4


Spotlight Target Area: Waste

Nutramara Ltd. is dedicated to the production of quality, traceable, high purity marine extracts at the cutting-edge of global scientific research. This dedication is founded on sustainability, as ultimately, the future of the company is dependent on a natural resource that must be sustainably harvested and processed. 

Nutramara became a verified member of the Origin Green programme in 2018 and set about establishing a robust five year sustainability plan. Recognising the inherent value of the harvested seaweed, one of the company’s primary sustainability targets from the outset was to develop a zero waste marine biorefinery.

Throughout 2019, Nutramara made significant strides towards this goal. The company began to improve their biorefinery approach by processing in a manner which minimised the generation of waste and maximised the potential from the natural seaweed. 

The process development work was successful and in May 2019 both a liquid side-stream and a solid side stream were diverted away from waste to create value added products, hence delivering on its zero waste ambition.

Converting Waste To Quality, Natural Products

The Origin Green Team Leader Clíodhna Dowling, explains further “We began by extracting fucoidan from Fucus vesiculosus using sustainable bioprocessing technologies. This process had a liquid side stream and a solid side stream. Both were indepthly analysed and were found to have beneficial properties: the liquid has now been diverted to an organic biostimulant producer in County Galway while the solid is very promising as a high fibre & protein rich food grade ingredient.  

We shipped the liquid to our sister company BEOBIO Teoranta in Galway and we sent the solid waste to Ashtown Food Research Centre, where it is currently undergoing tests to develop it for consumer products.” 

Through continuous collaboration with research partners, Nutramara is committed to pushing the boundaries of science for the future, whilst creating superior quality natural products from the sea.  

Sustainability is at the core of all Nutramara’s activities ranging from sustainable hand harvesting of the biomass, extraction of bioactives using mild aqueous conditions without organic solvents, and developing further commercial products from side streams in a biorefinery process resulting in zero waste.

Dr. Henry Lyons, Scientific Director 


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