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ABP Foods

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About the company

Established in 1954, ABP Ireland is part of the wider ABP Food Group. The company is recognised globally for supplying high quality beef for the retail, foodservice and manufacturing sectors and all beef products supplied are DNA traceable directly to its farm of origin. ABP is a fully integrated agri-business, meaning the processing of its beef is supported by three complimentary divisions: a renewables division, a proteins division and a pet foods division. This unique structure ensures that products are processed in the most sustainable manner possible. ABP's vision is to be the best at what it does, wanting to lead on quality, efficiency, traceability and sustainability and continue to develop, research, innovate and invest in every area of its business so that its future will be as distinguished as its past.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Spotlight Target Area: Raw Materials & Suppliers

The Future of Reporting One of the industry's top innovators in the meat and agri-food industries, ABP supports Science Based Targets and is dedicated to doing its part to lessen greenhouse gas emissions and the effects of global warming. ABP's "Beef Benchmarking Report" was created in collaboration with the Irish Cattle Breeders Federation (ICBF).

This research offers statistics on individual animal carcasses and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the first time in history. Through its breeding initiatives, the ICBF aims to identify animals that are more efficient. Improved daily live weight gains and younger age at slaughter are two major factors in minimising the overall carbon footprint of animals. As outlined by Teagasc, this new Beef Benchmarking Report from ABP can be of significant use to beef farmers and as a result, it will be used to offer technical guidance on how productivity can be further improved in the company's beef supply chain.

Spotlight Target Area: Primary Producer Sustainability
Initiatives / Emissions
ABP is one of the leading innovators in the meat and agri-food sector, embraces
Science Based Targets and is committed to playing its role in helping to reduce
greenhouse gas emissions and minimising the impact of global warming. ABP
conducts industry leading research with Teagasc and Irish Cattle Breeding Federation
(ICBF) to look at ways of helping beef farmers reduce their environmental impact.
The research has focused on using a data-driven approach to improve the genetics
available to the beef herd, so that beef animals optimise their feed conversion ratio
and are ready for slaughter at a younger age. Results have shown that this breeding
approach can lead to significant reductions in methane emissions which could have
significantly positive environmental impacts on Irish beef production. It has also
shown to improve income returns to the farmer – demonstrating that economic and
environmental sustainability can travel hand in hand.

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