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Ashbourne Meat Processors

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Exemplary Performance Target Areas

Minimum Origin Green Targets Required Annually = 6

Spotlight Target Area: Water Reduction

Ashbourne Meats have served the world for the past 35 years and would like to continue to serve the world for the next 35 years and beyond. To achieve this business ambition they realised that they must embed sustainability at the heart of their business strategy by joining the Origin Green programme 7 years ago.  After successfully implementing their first 5 year Origin Green plan that covered 2013-2018, the company is now on their second Origin Green Plan focusing on 2019-2023 and it covers their 2 sites at Roscrea and Naas.

Led by Donal Houlihan, Ashbourne’s cross-functional sustainability team set a target of reducing water by 5% in m3 /tonne for both sites from 2018 -end of 2023. This was a considerable target given that they were now on their second plan and that they had already made significant reductions in the previous 5 years.

Water Efficiency Across the Board

In 2019 they achieved a reduction from 2018 (m 3 per tonne) of 13.3% in Roscrea and 12.3% in Naas. These reductions were achieved by an increased focus on water efficiency across the two sites that allowed the team to spot opportunities that led to the removal of unnecessary sinks and sterilisers from the boning hall thus replacing the need for a constant flow of water and replacing the dip tank in Naas which a more efficient model.

This is a fantastic recognition to our last 35 years achievements of sustainable production & development. Huge efforts has been put in by everyone at Ashbourne Meats to continue our drive to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Danny Houlihan, MD


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