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Ballymooney Foods / Wild Irish Game

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About the company

Established in Clane, County Kildare in 1996. Ballymooney Foods is an experienced, dynamic, family owned specialist meat company sourcing and processing top top quality beef, lamb, venison and game Their client base consists of supermarkets, wholesalers and retailers nationwide and internationally. The core of their success lies in their ability to deliver according to their customers needs as each product is hand selected by a knowledgeable master butcher with over 30 years experience.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Focus on Health and Nutrition:

Wild Irish Game will include direct nutritional comparison of game products compared to mass produced or factory farmed alternatives on the company website in advance of Game Season which begins in Sept 2018. During the game season include a weekly recipe on the website and promote nutritional benefits on display material used at game fairs and other promotional events

Committed to Reducing Waste:

Target made to reduce by 20% of both the amount of animal by-products and of general waste treated as waste per kg of product by 2019. This will be achieved through initiatives such as sourcing artisan craft workers for skins and feathers and customers for meat and game carcasses for pet food etc.

Committed to Reducing their Environmental Impact:

Wild Irish Game have committed to a 10% reduction in energy usage by 2019. This will be achieved by moving production into a new custom build site with better energy efficient facilities in March 2018.