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Callan Bacon Co Ltd

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About the company

Callan Bacon is a family business with a global profile. Based in the rural town of Callan, in the Irish southeast. We have come a long way from our original premises which commenced operation in 1924 right on the main street. In the old days, we also ran an abattoir on the same site. Since the mid eighties, we at Callan Bacon have moved on to a new level and we moved to a new custom built processing site in 1990. With 57,000 square feet of factory on a five acre site, just outside the town, we are renowned throughout the industry for capability and scalability.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Raw Material Sourcing:
Callan Bacon has and will continue to source pork from animal welfare approved sited only.
Focus on Health & Nutrition:
They have set a target of 30% salt reduction in certain product lines and to provide guideline daily amount (GDA) on the front of packaging for 100% of Callan Bacon branded retail products by 2020.
Committed to Reducing Water Usage:
From 2017 Callan Bacon have set a target of a reduction in water flow by 10% by end of 2019.