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Clonakilty Food Co

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Approved until 31 May 2024



About the company

The Clonakilty story began in the 1800s in a small rural farmhouse in West Cork. Johanna O'Brien made black pudding and sold it to Philip Harrington's butcher shop. When Johanna retired, she passed her precious black pudding recipe onto Philip. When Edward Twomey took over the butchers in 1976, the secret recipe went with it.

The product's popularity grew, and as the range expanded, the business moved to a more extensive facility in Little Island Co. Cork in 1999. Over the preceding years, as the Clonakilty brand grew throughout Ireland, the Twomey's focused on adding new products to the Clonakilty range, including Clonakilty Whitepudding, Clonakilty 'Ispíní' Sausages, Clonakilty Rashers and more recently, Clonakilty Veggie Pudding.

Today, Clonakilty products are available across Ireland in all major retailers, independent outlets, and butcher shops, and are served in many of Ireland's leading Irish restaurants and hotels. Clonakilty Food Co. also exports internationally to the UK, UAE and Mainland Europe, and manufactures under licence in Australia.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Spotlight Target Area: Product Health & Nutrition

Clonakilty Food Co.'s vision is to establish the company as a provider of high-quality food, whilst staying true to its provenance and uncompromising principles. These principles include Clonakilty's commitment to sustainability and to making changes in the business that support a more viable future for our community and consumers whilst maintaining commercial competitiveness. Clonakilty is committed to further developing the Health and Nutritional value of its product range. Within its five-year Origin Green plan, the company's target is to create one healthier product annually to meet increasing consumer demand. Making significant progress on this target throughout 2021, Clonakilty launched four new bacon rasher lines which are free from sugar and ascorbates.