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Feldhues GmbH

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Approved until 31 May 2022



About the company

Feldhues Group rose from a small, traditional butcher shop in the town of Metelen in Westphalia, Germany. Today, the group consists of two modern plants, with focus placed on the production of special cooked meat products displaying designs. The first production plant, Feldhues Fleischwarenbetriebe GmbH, was built in Metelen in 1978. Just six years later, the company decided to set up a second plant in the Republic of Ireland – Feldhues GmbH Fleischwarenproduktion in Clones, Co. Monaghan.

This site mainly serves the UK and Irish markets and now also produces classic sausage specialities in addition to kids novelty sausage and Halal cooked meats. It also runs state-of-the-art slicing and packaging lines for pre-pack in diverse formats. In 2004, a completely new manufacturing site was taken into operation in Metelen – Feldhues Fun Foods GmbH. The company focuses on manufacturing character meat products for larger customers, mostly B2B. Contact us at: info@feldhues.ie

Key Sustainability Commitments

Strong Focus on Animal Welfare:
86% of meat is purchased from welfare approved sources.

Committed to Reducing Waste:
Feldhues have reduced packaging waste by 50% to date, and have set a target of reducing web waste due to changeover of slicing products by 20%

Spotlight Target Area: Energy
Feldhues GmbH are committed to establishing, implementing, maintaining and
continually improving its results regarding sustainability in the environment.
As part of its key sustainability commitments, throughout 2020, Feldhues GmbH
performed particularly well in its energy target. A target was set to reduce energy
consumption by 4% per tonne of product produced by December 2022. Feldhues
GmbH exceeded its milestone by 15.6% as a result of more efficient production runs.
This was reflective of an overall strong performance in 2020, which the company
attributes to its robust environmental management system. Exemplary performance
was demonstrated across a range of additional targets, including the areas of
packaging, water, waste, and community engagement.

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