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Grove Turkeys

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About the company

Grove Turkeys, founded by the Cosgrove brothers in 1972, is one of the largest producers and suppliers of turkey and poultry added value products in Ireland. Located in Monaghan, the Grove Turkey factory is one of the most modern EU licensed poultry processing plants in the British Isles. In 1988, the company was purchased by Kerry Group Plc where they continued to grow and develop its customer and product base. In 2016 the business was acquired by the current owners, Amber Real Estate Investments.

Spotlight Target Area: Energy / Emissions
Grove Turkeys are dedicated to building a long-term business strategy that benefits
suppliers, consumers, employees, and shareholders. The aim is to achieve the
company’s objectives through a strategic focus that is fundamentally based on the
principles of continuous business improvement. Grove Turkeys, a business who
are committed to conducting business in an environmentally friendly manner,
demonstrated this throughout 2020 being recognised for exemplary performance
across four targets in the areas of supplier certification, packaging, energy and water.
Within the supplier certification area, 100% of suppliers are members of the Bord
Bia Poultry Products Quality Assurance Scheme (PPQAS), a target the company has
maintained throughout the lifetime of its current sustainability plan (2017-2021).
Grove Turkeys also set an ambitious packaging target for the business, aiming
to ultimately transition to 100% use of recyclable plastic on its product range.
Following the completion of a series of initiatives in 2020, 90% of all packaging on
the company’s products is now recyclable, placing it 50 percentage points ahead of
its initial baseline. Grove Turkeys also now ensures that all new deliveries of plastic
packaging from suppliers going forward will be 100% recyclable.

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