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Kepak Group

Membership Status:

Approved until 31 May 2022



Spotlight Target Area: Biodiversity
Protecting and enhancing biodiversity around the company’s sites and farms of
suppliers is a key component of Kepak’s agriculture pillar. Kepak is a founding
member of the Irish Business & Biodiversity platform and a supporter of the All-Ireland
Pollinator plan. Together with Trinity College Dublin and the Irish Research Council,
Kepak has funded pioneering research to enhance pollinator diversity. As part of
this project, Kepak designated biodiversity champions at site level who conduct and
monitor biodiversity. Treatment plots have been established in short and long grass
meadows, with wildflower and herb beds nestled in green areas surrounding Kepak
sites, becoming home to native Irish honeybees. The company conducted biodiversity
research at Kepak Farm which acts as a knowledge transfer centre for implementing
farm friendly biodiversity actions via its partner farming network. Kepak is also an
operational partner of the BRIDE valley biodiversity project. The project aims to
design and implement a results-based approach to conserve, enhance and restore
habitats in lowland intensive farmland.

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