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Liffey Meats

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Approved until 31 May 2022



About the company

This family-owned company has no less than five generations of experience in the beef industry. The knowledge, experience and passion garnered in that time have only served to enhance its present product. Situated in the centre of Ireland's finest grasslands, Liffey Meats has built up a formidable supplier base from Quality Assured farms, which guarantee complete traceability of its prime Irish beef.

Strong ties of loyalty and trust between Liffey Meats and Irish farmers have been established over the generations, with its three plants strategically located in different regions across the country to ensure reliability of cattle supply.

Now established as one of Ireland's top beef exporters, it takes pride in being able to respond quickly and efficiently to customer needs. It has continued to invest in the development of its facilities, offering customers the assurance of impressive products, made to the highest industry standards.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Renewable Energy:
Installation of a wind turbine completed in the first quarter of 2018, initially to meet over 70% of Liffey Meats energy demands
Enhancing Biodiversity:
Over 350 trees and 70 shrubs have been planted at various sites to date to date and they have committed to planting an additional 10 trees per year of the plan at the Ballyjamesduff site.
Focus on Enhancing Suppliers Sustainability Credentials:
100% of beef is from local Irish Suppliers with over 80% of raw materials now come from farms participating in the Sustainable Assurance Scheme. Target set to drive that number to 100% by and they are engaged with local farmers on animal welfare, feeding diets and best practices through organising farmer visits to encourage knowledge sharing.
Commitment to Animal Welfare:
Liffey have ongoing animal welfare training for all Lairage operatives.

Spotlight Target Area: Health & Nutrition
Liffey Meats develops and implements innovative actions and wide-ranging policies
to foster corporate social and environmental responsibility in its supply chain.
Liffey Meats has continued to expand and grow quickly. To maintain this rate of
growth without creating excess waste or poor use of water, energy etc., Liffey Meats
views efficient production as the only means of moving forward. Sustainability has
been adopted as a core principle through the business and this is evident from the
company’s performance throughout 2020, demonstrating an exemplary performance
across five different targets. As part of its health and nutrition target, Liffey Meats set
a target within its sustainability plan to increase sales of lean produce by 10% every
year. In 2020, the company surpassed this target due to the large growth of the retail
sector in 2020 exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Through working with its retail
partner, Lidl Ireland, the company was able to meet this strong demand for its lean
produce and worked together with Lidl to identify and promote the health benefits of
this produce within store brochures.

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