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Oliver Carty & Family

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About the company

Oliver Carty & Family, based in Athlone, is a family run business for over half a century. It is one of Ireland's largest added value meat suppliers and prides itself in offering top quality, award-winning retailer and branded products in Ireland, Europe and the Middle East. Oliver Carty & Family operates from two plants and all plants are under the control of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DARM), are a certified member of the Bord Bia Meat Processor Quality Assurance Scheme, accredited to the Global Standard for Food Safety (BRC) Grade AA, and one of the first 50 verified members of Origin Green. Its product range encompasses traditional cured products such as bacon joints and rashers as well as speciality cures and bespoke cuts like the Great Taste 'Best Irish Speciality' award winning smoked rack of bacon.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Over the past five years Oliver Carty have strived to both implement and expand their targets with Origin Green. Some of the key areas where we have done this work includes:

Raw Materials:

Committed to sourcing at a minimum of 80% of all raw materials from fellow Origin Green Verified Members and at present, we are sourcing 92%. On Energy and energy usage, various energy saving targets have been completed to date, one of the biggest being the amalgamation of the two production plants for the reduction of kVa Rate. With regards to our impact on the environment, we have set various targets including the reduction of water and also the introduction of rainwater harvesting to reduce the level of water usage in the plant. There has been a significant decrease in the level of raw material waste being directed to landfill and any edible waste being donated where ever possible.

Spotlight Target Area: Waste
Oliver Carty & Family take a holistic approach to sustainability focussed on social,
environmental and economic stewardship. Its sustainability plan is an integral part of
its overall strategic plan, with a dedicated ‘Green Team’ focussing on initiatives across
the business. Throughout 2020, led by Bernie Carty, the Green Team championed
the reduction of waste levels. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and an increase in use
of PPE general waste, there has been a decrease in waste overall with the company
ahead of target by 22% - initiatives included a move to more sustainable waste
suppliers, segregation of plastic waste in production, and reduction in packing raw
materials, leading to significant increase in recycling as opposed to land fill. Oliver
Carty & Family decreased waste by over 37 tonnes within a 12-month period, primarily
from a decrease in both recycled waste and Category 3 waste, demonstrating an
exemptional performance.

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