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Rangeland Foods

Membership Status:

Approved until 31 May 2021



About the company

Rangeland Foods is family owned Irish company, producing bespoke burgers for restaurants since 1982. They design for every cooking application and quickly provide solutions to address their customer’s challenges. Their product offering for food service extends to 175 SKU’s, includes chilled, superchilled and frozen burgers and steak strips. All are produced from locally sourced Irish beef and are enjoyed by restaurant customers in 12 European countries.

Rangeland is committed to providing its customers with excellent experience every time, its process delivers very consistent quality with automated traceability of meat and ingredients from intake to product case. Rangeland respects its stakeholders, community, employees, farmers, suppliers, consumers, and the environment.

Rangeland Superchilled Gourmet Butchers Burger received Anuga 2017 taste innovation showcase award. It tastes identical to when first minced. Made from chilled freshly produced Irish beef primal cuts, minimally processed, vacuum packed and immediately supercooled for food safe supply with frozen logistics.


Key Sustainability Commitments

Focus on Health and Nutrition:

Rangeland Foods have committed to 50% of their products being certified Gluten free by end of 2018 and 60% of all products allergen free by 2020.

Commitment to Responsible Sourcing:

Rangeland Foods will source 100% of corrugated cardboard used for packaging from quality certified suppliers by end 2020.