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Shannon Vale Foods

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About the company

Shannon Vale Foods is a family-owned company established as a small egg trading business over one hundred years ago by Michael O'Regan. In 1903, the running of the business was taken over by Michael's son, Timothy, in which it further developed and expanded. Today, Shannon Vale Foods is dedicated to the production and manufacturing of quality poultry and meat products, with the current management team being the fourth generation of the family within the business. Throughout its many years in business, Shannon Vale Foods have moved, altered and expanded its premises and now operates from an ultra-modern facility at Gullane, Clonakilty, Co Cork. The company employs its own development chef and product development technologist to continuously drive and develop new added value products. Employing a close partnership approach with its customers, new product concepts and requests can be developed without delay.

Spotlight Target Area: Waste
Within its current sustainability plan (2018-2022), Shannon Vale Foods set a target to
reduce overall waste generation by 5%. The company showed firm progress in 2020,
having a total waste generation reduction of 18% compared to the baseline year in
2017. This reduction was mainly due to the diversion of certain waste streams as a
feed stock for the local anaerobic digestion plant, which commenced in January 2020
and has proven to be very successful, resulting in a sustainable outlet for this waste
stream. Such has been the success with recent waste initiatives, the company has
redoubled its efforts in this area, recalibrating its waste target to target a further 5%
reduction in this area by the end of 2022.

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