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Slaney Foods

Membership Status:

Approved until 31 May 2023



Spotlight Target Area: Supplier Certification / Emissions
Sustainability has always been a core principle for Slaney Foods and the business has
evolved over the years to embed this mindset into its structures, technologies and
practices. Having become a member of Origin Green in 2013, Slaney Foods’ dedicated
team strive to ensure continuous improvement is driven at every opportunity, pushing
beyond established goals wherever possible. The company’s commitment to this
agenda is clearly visible, having demonstrated an exemplary performance in its Origin
Green plan in 2020 across the target areas of supplier certification, animal health and
nutrition, packaging, water, waste and employee wellbeing. Within the company’s
current sustainability plan (2018-2020), Slaney Foods set out to achieve a reduction of
10% in water usage per unit of output by 2020. This target was achieved over the plan

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