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Staunton Foods Ltd

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Approved until 30 June 2023



About the company

Staunton Foods Ltd was established in 1950 and has been supplying quality pork and bacon products to domestic and export markets for over 50 years. The company, based in Timoleague in Co. Cork, opened a new purpose built factory in 1996, from which it continues to operate. Staunton Foods Ltd is now one of the main pigmeat processors in Ireland, growing from humble origins to become a major employer in west Cork. All of the pigs processed are guaranteed to be of Irish origin, with the majority sourced locally. Staunton Foods Ltd supply a full range of pork and bacon primal products both fresh and frozen to a wide variety of customers. These customers include further processing facilities, wholesalers, the food service industry, manufacturers, and retailers globally.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Spotlight Target Area: Waste

Embracing a circular economy based approach throughout its operations, Staunton Foods Ltd have significantly reduced the amount of general waste on site and increased the amount of recycled materials since the inception of its second Origin Green plan. Over the course of this five year sustainability plan, covering the period 2017-2021, the company targeted a 3% year-on-year reduction in general waste and a 3% year-on-year increase in recycling. Over the year 2021, the company performed particularly well in this area and has now achieved a 33.3% reduction on a per unit basis since 2017. Recycling also increased on a per unit basis by 127.8% over the same period. This performance has been driven by the implementation of a waste segregation programme and employee training