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Coolhull Farm (Paganini)

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Approved until 31 January 2021


Prepared Food

About the company

For generations, the Murphy family have farmed the land at Coolhull, Co. Wexford under the watchtower of a 16th century castle. The cows graze in the rain-fresh fields and, in turn, provide nutrient-rich milk. This is used as the core ingredient for the company's ice cream, cheesecakes and mousses, as well as its cake fillings and finishes for its baked desserts.

Coolhull Farm's passion to perfect the ingredients used in its range of Irish desserts has been central to its evolution since 1990. The company makes its own cream cheese and cheesecakes in its dairy, while baking its own biscuits for the golden cheesecake crumb, giving the end produce a unique taste and texture.

Creativity, innovation and a hands-on approach are qualities at the core of Coolhull Farm.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Reducing Food Waste:

Target set to reduce food waste by 60% per tonne of production. Established a food donation programme.

Committed to Reducing Packaging Waste:

Set a target to reduce packaging waste by 10% per tonne of production by 2022 - LEAN manufacturing processes are being implemented and staff are being given Green Belt LEAN training.

Focus on Health and Nutrition:

Focusing New Product Development efforts on developing functional foods with a wide variety of benefits in the dessert and coffee accompaniment areas. Ranges include Reduced Calorie Products, Slow Release Energy Products, Clean Eat Products, Reduced Sugar Products, Products with Healthy Fats and Protein enriched Functional Foods which address muscle maintenance and development, sarcopenia and osteopenia.