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Couverture Desserts

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Prepared Food

About the company

At Couverture we understand that quality pâtisserie doesn't happen overnight. There is a fine art to creating delicious desserts, and for over 20 years we have supplied our award-winning products to leading retailers, restaurants, airlines and hotels around the world.

Using only the finest ingredients including locally-sourced Irish dairy, each Couverture dessert is handcrafted by skilled pâtissiers in our new, purpose-built facilities. A focus on health & nutrition has inspired us to lead the way with a new range of low sugar, high protein and vegan products, continuing our commitment to innovate in the dessert & bakery category.

Whether it's a cheesecake, gateaux, mousse, brownie or millionaire's shortbread, our wide range is always growing. Not just keeping ahead of the trends but driving them, we believe that outstanding desserts require outstanding passion.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Commitment to sustainability:
Only using products sourced from 100% certified palm oil, and working with suppliers with recognised sustainability certifications or fully implemented policies in place.

Reducing their Environmental Impact:
We have improved energy efficiency and emissions standards through a transfer to a modern production facility, the use of more efficient equipment, improvement of building infrastructure and streamlined collection and delivery methods.
Waste reduction is another key issue, we are working on reducing product and packaging wastage via recycling programmes.

Focused on Social Sustainability:
We have a firm engagement to social sustainability by promoting the Bike2Work scheme for all staff, providing work experience opportunities for local students, financial support to local charities, and by donating finished products to local food banks.