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Cully & Sully

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Prepared Food

About the company

Cully & Sully are purveyors of fresh soups and pies and hot pots. They have recently launched a new range of broths, made with Irish bone broth and locally sourced ingredients. The company was founded in 2004 by two friends, Cullen Allen 'Cully' and Colum O'Sullivan 'Sully', both from foodie families in East Cork.

Cully & Sully is the tastiest, most trusted and loved fresh soup and meal brand in Ireland. They are based in Cork and employs over 12 people directly in NPD, sales, marketing & finance.

Cully & Sully provide good, honest, nourishing food, just like our Grandmothers made, which has been produced with ingredients sourced responsibly, ethically and locally when seasonality allows.At Cully & Sully what matters most are their customers, their team, the community and the environment which provides the best raw materials for their products.

Origin Green Certification has ensured Cully & Sully continue to pay close attention to sustainability and sourcing within their business.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Responsible Sourcing:

Cully & Sully are committed to using clean ingredients in all products and monitor all raw materials on a regular basis. In 208, they removed palm oil from all products.
They have put in place a target of 50% reduction in landfill waste over next 5 years and are already on target for a 15% reduction in 2019

Reducing their Environmental Impact:

Cully & Sully continuously engage with the community by volunteering their time and offering financial donations to charities and sporting events. Each year they team up with GIY (Grow It Yourself) to create an annual community campaign and competition to foster a spirit of good eating and food entrepreneurship, both in schools and the greater community.

Promoting Biodiversity:
Within biodiversity, Cully & Sully are working closely with their packaging manufacturers on recycling and repurposing of their packaging