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Mr. Crumb

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Prepared Food

About the company

Mr. Crumb is a multi-award winning food company based in the rural village of Finea in Ireland's lakelands. Mr. Crumb was founded in 1996 by Bernard Coyle, the current Chairman. He was working as a salesman for a major bakery when he noticed a gap in the market for fresh breadcrumb as an ingredient for stuffing, bread sauce, puddings etc. He decided to quit his job, take a chance and go out on his own.

Having had initial difficulty getting the breadcrumb listed with the retailers, he decided to move up the value chain and make the actual stuffing. The rest is history. Mr Crumb took a market sector which was declining by more than 20% per annum and reversed the trend creating over 25% market growth per annum.

While we're best known for our stuffing and breadcrumb, the product range, both chilled and frozen, can be segmented into 2 categories: Ready to Cook Value Added Ingredients such as fresh breadcrumb, stuffing, toppings, cheese melts and flavoured butters and Ready to Cook Snack Foods such as filled paninis, wraps, burritos and bruschetta.

Mr Crumb's products are produced in small batches, in a state of the art facility, by artisanal methods, whereby products are either hand cooked or hand finished.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Responsible Sourcing:

Committed to producing products only using Responsible Sourced Palm Oil (RSPO) Achieved RSPO accreditation.

Focus on Health and Nutrition:

New Product Development programme is focused on further developing our existing Gluten Free and Organic product ranges throughout the plan period until 2019 and plans in place to launch a highly nutritional range of Vegetarian and Vegan Meals (Chilled and Frozen.

Focus on Reducing Packaging Waste:

Currently working on incorporating plastic free, fully recyclable, compostable packaging.

Focus on Biodiversity:

The Mr Crumb Production Facility is close to three lakes and the bogland immediately north of the site is designated as a Special Area of Conservation with other immediate environs classified as a Specially Protected Area. Mr Crumb was responsible for the planting of 22 acres of Oak, Beech and Sitka Spruce trees and continues to work with an ecologist to identify opportunities to enhance flora and fauna.