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Prepared Food

About the company

Nobó was established in 2013 by Brian and Rachel Nolan, with a mission to create delicious, clean plant based treats from simple natural ingredients.

Nobó brought Ireland's first dairy free ice cream to the market with their 'Frozen Goodness' product. It is an ice cream alternative made from a uniquely simple blend of coconut milk and avocado, and is completely free from any stabilisers or gums.

In 2017 Nobó launched their dairy free chocolate range. A creamy plant-based "milk" chocolate made from Fair for Life Congolese cacao nibs and stone ground with cashew nuts and coconut. Nobó chocolate has 50% less sugar than traditional milk chocolate, and contains just 7 ingredients of less. Nobó chocolate buttons are wrapped in fully compostable packaging.

Nobó are striving to create a kinder, more vibrant, positive world by inviting more people to treat themselves better. All of Nobó's products are made in Ireland and are free from dairy, refined sugar, soy and gluten. Through innovation, and driven by a mission to create more sustainable and environmentally conscious treats, Nobó are continuing to expand their product range and develop more plant based healthier alternatives. To date, Nobó have won over 23 Great Taste Awards across their ranges, as well as numerous other Irish Food Awards.

Nobó chocolate and ice cream is available throughout Ireland, and their chocolate is exported to Canada, where it is listed with Wholefoods. Their chocolate is also available online in the Netherlands, where they are working on launching into retail shortly. In Autumn 2021, Nobó will be opening their flagship store called The Treathouse in Dublin 6, to bring the ethos and mission of the business to life. This will be a home for the brand and will consist of a retail space, small scale chocolate manufacturing, online fulfilment and offices all under one roof. Everything available at The Treathouse will be made from natural plant based ingredients and free from refined sugar and dairy.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Focus on Sustainable Packaging

Nobó believes now is a time for less and this extends to one of their key focus areas: sustainable product packaging. Nobó use commercially compostable product packaging for their individually wrapped chocolate buttons, and compostable film (made from Corn starch) for their large chocolate bars. All other packaging is recyclable and made from recycled cardboard. In an effort to reduce packaging waste, Nobó aims to flat pack and return one hundred per cent of their shelf ready packaging from ECommerce fulfilment, back to their manufacturing partner for reuse by 2022.

Focus on Health and Nutrition

Nobó pride themselves for making treats that are better for you. All Nobó products are diary free, plant-based, refined sugar free, gluten free, soy free and GMO free. Their chocolate contains 50% less sugar that traditional milk chocolate.

All Nobó chocolate products are fully vegan and plant based. However 3 of the 6 ice-cream flavours are not fully vegan. Nobó is aiming for a 100% plant based and vegan range by 2022. They are currently in the process of replacing the honey with a plant-based alternative.

Committed to Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing

Nobó is committed to using only ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients. At present Nobó uses single origin organic cocoa beans from a plantation near Virunga National Park in The Congo. Nobó's chosen cacao co-op complies with organic and 'Fair for Life' certification. They have a very robust program to assist farmers in cocoa cultivation, fermentation and processing. The co-op work with farmers to plant cacao trees in the buffer zone around the Virunga National Park to help create a sustainable source of income for the local communities, and protects the last remaining gorillas. Nobó has set a target that 90% of their ingredients will have a sustainability certificate by 2022.