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Silver Pail Dairy

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Prepared Food

About the company

Silver Pail Dairy is located in Fermoy, Co.Cork, near the south coast of Ireland. It is in the heartland of Ireland's magnificent Golden Vale, a region renowned for its rolling pastureland and recognised as some of the best land in the world for dairy farming.

Silver Pail Dairy was founded in 1978 by Michael Murphy and has grown to become the largest ice cream manufacturer in Ireland with many years' experience in developing and producing high quality ice cream and frozen desserts for retail, food service and private label customers.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Focus of Waste Reduction

Silver Pail Dairy have already made significant waste reductions: 46% reduction in waste to landfill per unit of output since 2013 and continue to focus on further reductions for example on raw material supplier packaging.

Focus on Health & Nutrition

Target in place for New Product Development programme to focus on healthier products such as low fat, reduced sugar, sugar free, added vitamin / mineral and probiotic products for their ranges, developing and showing at least 5 new nutrition focused products to customers per year .