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The Happy Pear: Living Foods

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Prepared Food

About the company

The Happy Pear is a movement to create happier, healthier lifestyles. David and Stephen Flynn started The Happy Pear in Ireland in 2004 to inspire community to create a happier, healthier world, and to make healthy food and living accessible to everybody.
Today they're renowned wholefood and plant-based chefs, award-winning and bestselling authors, YouTube stars, and regular media contributors.

The Happy Pear now employs around 170 people and it has grown into one of the most vibrant and renowned businesses on the Irish food scene, with several award-winning products and a vegan range distributed across the UK.

The business now comprises: three wholefood cafés/food stores; a sprout farm producing wheatgrass and healthy living sprouts and microgreens; a Happy Pear branded food manufacturing and distribution business producing award-winning products, including pestos, hummus, soups, meals, side dishes, granola, Nuts about Choc, snack bars, and smoothies; a coffee roastery producing hand roasted Happy Pear coffee, using the best speciality coffee available.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Social Commitment to Share Knowledge

To double our reach to 10,000 in 2018 through health and educational talks and online courses.

Commitment to Source more Sustainable Packaging

Increase the overall use of recycled packaging to 60% in comparison to baseline data by the end of 2020.

Source more Irish Produce

We're committed to sourcing 40% by 2020.