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About the company

Sofrimar was established in 1979 and specializes in exporting locally sourced premium seafood to markets worldwide. Sofrimar offers a wide range of shellfish and white fish in various formats (live, chilled, cooked, pasteurized, MAP, frozen, Frozen At Sea).

Currently, Sofrimar has a HACCP approved and IFS certified factory with an area in excess of 6,000² meters, with extensive cooking, chilling, freezing, cold storage, and processing facilities. Sofrimar has a strong track record in developing and launching new and innovative products in the marketplace.

Sofrimar is committed to producing the highest quality seafood for customers and consumers. A strict Quality Control System is in place at all stages of production to ensure consumers are offered a consistent safe food product. Working in close partnership with approved fishermen, Sofrimar can guarantee the freshness and traceability of raw material. The foundation of this partnership rests on the need for sustainable fishing to ensure longevity for all involved in the Sector.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Commited to Reducing Environmental Impact:
Sofrimar have committed to reducing their water usage by 20% by December 2018. This will be achieved by investing in new equipment for wash down and changing a number of production lines to reduce water consumption.

Sofrimar will reduce the use of Polystyrene which has limited recycling potential with most used cartons being baled and send to landfill. New and innovative packing which can be re-cycled has been developed for a number of products previously packed in Polystyrene.