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Atlanfish Ltd

Membership Status:

Approved until 31 May 2024



About the company

Established in 1976, Atlanfish is a family-owned company and a leading processor of Irish seafood products, specialising in Brown Crab (Cancer Pagurus). Atlanfish is an entrepreneurial company that has grown to be a quality-driven business.

The company has 3 main brands, L'Irlandaise, Cashelmara and La Celtique. These branded products provide retail and foodservice customers with a range of premium crab products which are available all year round and are prepared and cooked to perfection.

These brands showcase the company's key skills and its 40 years' experience in sourcing, processing, sales, and marketing within the seafood industry. Underpinned by 3 key pillars, these brands denote premium quality, provenance and responsible practices.

Based in Carndonagh, Co. Donegal and occupying a purpose-built facility equipped with the latest production technology, Atlanfish serves the diverse needs of the retail, wholesale and foodservice trade worldwide.

Key Sustainability Commitments

The company became a member of the Origin Green programme since 2016 and is working towards achieving targets set out as part of a comprehensive five-year sustainability plan.
Sustainability has always been a key consideration for Atlanfish Ltd. The Company harvests all of its raw materials from the sea and depend upon a clean environment.
The company respects the environment it works in, supports sustainable development and is committed to environmentally sound business practices. Atlanfish continually engage in partnership with relevant agencies to explore new technologies and processes to continually improve environmental performance.
The purpose of this verification is to maintain the integrity of the Sustainability Charter Programme and to ensure that it delivers value to existing and potential customers of Irish food and beverage industry.
During the Origin Green Plan 1 (2015-2019) Atlanfish has continued to create more local jobs, and over the five years provided a three-fold increase of support for local charities, sports clubs and the RNLI.
From plan 1: 2016-2019 we had a 16% reduction In electricity usage and 11% reduction in water consumption.
- Installing new pasteurising vats to reduce water usage.
- Installation of a cooling tower in 2021 for blast freezers to reduce electricity usage and run the blast freezers more efficiently. Also, another cooling tower is being installed this year - May 2023.
- 770 solar panels have been installed this year - March 2023. This installation will reduce our dependence on fossil fuel generated and ultimately reduce the carbon footprint. Any excess energy generated will be exported back to the grid to further reduce fossil fuel generated electricity.