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Atlantis Seafoods - Kilmore Quay Fine Foods

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Spotlight Target Area: Supplier Certification / Packaging
Atlantis Seafood believe in sourcing seafood from trusted fishermen who operate
to world-class standards, making sure the company always know exactly where
each fish comes from. Throughout 2020, the company demonstrated an exemplary
performance within the areas of supplier certification and packaging. Within the
supplier certification target area, Atlantis Seafood actively participates in Bord
Iascaigh Mhara (BIM) ran Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs). FIPs are schemes
designed to improve the sustainability of fisheries. They involve all those that
participate in the catching and sale of fish working together to improve the level of the
fish stock, the environmental impact and the management of a particular fishery. FIPs
also help consumers to make informed choices when purchasing seafood. Atlantis
Seafood is also making strong progress within its current sustainability plan in the
area of packaging. Overall, 79% of product fish & seafood (wholesale fresh, wholesale
frozen & retail) was sold in reusable crates or recyclable packaging in 2020, compared
to a projected 74%. The company also have identified new initiatives for this target,
including researching the potential use of a recyclable tray for retail.

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