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Errigal Bay

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Approved until 31 May 2023



About the company

Since its inception in 1962, Errigal Bay, located in a remote Gaeltacht region of Northwest Ireland, was underpinned by a clear vision of sustainability. That initial vision and foresight, to build employment in order to stave off emigration and to strengthen the local community, remains at the core of Errigal Bay values to the present day. Errigal Bay in the past four years has expanded its initial view of sustainability beyond that of job creation to include the wider aspects of environmental and economic sustainability. The company seeks to balance the economic feasibility of its activities with social and environmental responsibility to serve the broader needs of society in combination with serving the needs of its customers.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Spotlight Target Area: Community Engagement

Errigal Bay believes the future is not just based on economic vitality, but also on social equality and a clean environment, which are inexorably interwoven. The company strives to balance the economic feasibility of its activities with social and environmental responsibility, in order to fulfil the greater requirements of society as well as its consumers. Errigal Bay also plans to become a world leader in sustainable shellfish processing by implementing quantifiable systems of responsible natural resource usage.Errigal Bay was established in 1962 as a Co-op with the sole goal of safeguarding and nurturing its community. This mentality has been carried through by the Errigal Bay private enterprise that exists today. Every year, Errigal chooses a number of local charities to sponsor. Throughout the year 2021, the company demonstrated exemplary performance in its sustainability plan across the target areas of Raw Materials Certification, Packaging, Waste, and Community Engagement. Within the Community Engagement target area, the company increased donations by 20% in 2021 over 2020 levels. Donations were provided to the local parish council and the local community centre. The company also provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to a local community group.