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Goatsbridge Trout Farm

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About the company

Goatsbridge Trout Farm is a small, family-run business with tradition. Husband and wife team Mag and Ger Kirwan live on the farm with their family and work together to carry on the proud tradition of trout farming in the crystal clear Irish waters of The Little Arrigle. At Goatsbridge Fish Farm, trout is their passion.

Their knowledge and experience farming rainbow trout has been passed down through three generations. Employing 20 people, its business grew by 23% in 2013, building on a commitment to develop innovative ideas and providing a professional farm-to-fork service.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Committed to Responsible Sourcing:

Goatsbridge Trout Farm have committed to only sourcing Global Gap certified fish feed.

Committed to Reducing Water Usage:

Goatsbridge have set a target of reducing their water usage by 9% by 2019.

Promotes Biodiversity:

Goatsbridge have committed to enhancing the biodiversity ion their site by installing 'bug hotels' and planting pollinator-friendly flower and plants.