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Irish Fish Canners

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Approved until 31 May 2022



Spotlight Target Area: Water
Irish Fish Canners mission is to ensure the sustainability of its quality products –
protecting the environment and natural resources while providing a professional
sea to shelf service to its customers. Within its current sustainability plan, Irish Fish
Canners set a target in 2018 to reduce its water consumption by 35% by the end of
2022. The company surpassed this target in 2020 by reaching a reduction of 43.3%.
This decrease in consumption is due to a change in its hygiene practices which
increased the number of deep cleans per week to replace smaller regular cleans which
consume more water. In addition, Irish Fish Canners repaired some cracks in the
Kipper line which had caused water loss and have installed a new washer system to
eliminate leaks.

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