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Killybegs Seafoods

Membership Status:

Approved until 31 May 2021



About the company

The raw material is sourced from the rich north-east Atlantic waters and delivered to Killybegs for processing by modern refrigerated trawlers. Under the KSF brand, the company processes, freezes, stores and exports to global seafood markets. Situated on the north-west of Ireland, Killybegs Seafoods has achieved a highly regarded international reputation in the pelagic seafood industry for supply of mackerel, horse mackerel, blue whiting, herring and sprat by:

· Using premium quality raw materials while engaging in regulated, sustainable fishing practices.

· A continuous commitment to producing excellent quality seafood products with meticulous attention to detail.

· Using best international processing practices utilising state of the art facilities at its factory.

Killybegs Seafoods is committed to balancing its social and environmental responsibility with the economic feasibility of its activities. In total, Killybegs Seafoods now produces over 50 different customer-specific products, under the KSF brand, delivered to global markets. To compliment the processing business, Killybegs Seafoods is involved in the catching sector to ensure supply of quality raw material.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Reduction in Packaging:
Killybegs Seafoods will increase the total percentage of recycled paper in their cardboard boxes.

Commitment to Responsible Sourcing:
KSF is committed to maintaining their MSC certification on mackerel and blue whiting.
Involvement in the Local community:
Killybegs Seafoods will continue to support local organisations and charities and will increase their level of support year on year.