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Kish Fish Co Ltd

Membership Status:

Approved until 31 May 2023



Exemplary Performance Target Areas

Minimum Origin Green Targets Required Annually = 6

Spotlight Target Area: Social Sustainability

Kish Fish became a member of the Origin Green programme in 2015 and set out a 5 year sustainability plan to 2020. They include their 2 processing sites in their plan: Coolock where they process whole fish and their Howth Site which is a smoking house. 

The company implements sustainable and responsible sourcing principles throughout their operation. Kish Fish only purchases farmed fish from ASC/Global Gap certified farms.  52% of all fish (farmed and wild) is from a sustainable seafood supply including MSC certified white fish.

They purchase from operators who utilise responsible practices and fish within internationally agreed fishing quotas and who are licensed by the relevant authorities. 

Supporting Local & National Charities

Kish Fish has always been a keen supporter of their community. As part of their social sustainability target, Cathriona O’Neill, the Origin Green Sustainability Plan Manager set out to increase Kish Fish’s charitable donations. Since the year 2015, Kish Fish have achieved a commendable 177% increase in donations to support local and national charities and sports club. Having the target set, allowed the team to track their donations. 

It kept them focused and a survey of staff allowed them to choose a charity close to their hearts instead of giving corporate gifts to customers. It also helped them come up with innovate ideas like partnering with one of their customers for a “Dine & Give” event in aid of the Peter McVerry Trust.

Kish Fish is delighted to be awarded gold membership of the Origin Green Programme. To be able to give back to our local communities, along with national charities is a privilege  - it is a small way to recognise the work that these charities do to help others & also to acknowledge the  support that the local communities give to us.

Bill O’Meara, CEO


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