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Nicholas Lynch Ltd

Membership Status:

Approved until 31 May 2022



About the company

Nicholas Lynch Ltd is a family run business that was founded by Nicholas Lynch in 1984 after he had decided to change from working on his brother John’s fishing boat, The Marita, to the processing and wholesale side of the fishing industry.

Today Nicholas Lynch Ltd is run by Nicholas and Niall who with their team have developed a very strong wholesale business as well as two retail shops which are regarded as some of the top in the country, both winning multiple awards within the sector. The company has always prided itself with it’s very strong focus on quality and in such everything goes through a “hand Filleting” process with no filleting machines which has led the company to be widely established as experts in quality seafood processing.

In the last 10 years we have seen our staff go from 10 to 25 this year so we really are an ever growing company and we believe it’s our quality and attention to detail and our customers that have helped us along the way.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Commitment to Responsible Sourcing:
Nick's Fish salmon has Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association (IOFGA) certification, and will maintain this as part of their Origin Green objectives. Commitment to Water Use Reduction With water consumption being a major factor to their business, Nick's Fish will investigate the possibility of installing a rainwater harvesting system on-site to reduce water consumption.

Spotlight Target Area: Supplier Certification
Having become an Origin Green member in 2016, Nicholas Lynch Ltd. have always
attached a high importance to preserving the environment and nature. The company’s
ultimate target is to have a 100% certified sustainable offering and to support more
environmentally conscious fishing practices and promote Irish caught fish among
its customers. The company also supports the local community and engages in an
education project with local children to promote fish as a healthy and nutritious food.
Nicholas Lynch Ltd. performed particularly well in its supplier certification, with 90%
of its product coming from suppliers with sustainability certifications in 2020.

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