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Oceanpath / Dunn's of Dublin

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Approved until 31 May 2022



Spotlight Target Area: Supplier Certification / Energy
As an Iceland Seafood International company, Oceanpath and Dunn’s of Dublin
base its sourcing policy on the following principles; Support independent and
credible standards that are set to audit and approve fisheries that are well managed,
committed not to source fish from stocks that are endangered, help and support
customers to make the right choice to source sustainable seafood and is committed
to supply sustainable seafood to the customer’s plate.
Overall, the company demonstrated a very strong performance in 2020 with
exemplary performance demonstrated across the target areas of supplier certification,
packaging, energy, and waste. In the energy target area, Oceanpath has reduced
energy consumption by investing in a new linerless machine which has been installed
in its Dunn’s site. This has significantly increased production efficiency and has helped
to reduce energy per unit of output by over 33% since the established 2019 baseline.

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