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Shellfish Ireland (Shellfish De La Mer)

Membership Status:

Approved until 31 May 2023



About the company

Our Story

In 1987, sitting in a kitchen in the small town of Castletownbere in the west of Cork, two young friends Richard Murphy and Peter O Sullivan had a keen interest in fishing and founded what would later become Shellfish Ireland. They used go fishing in the mornings, cooking and processing the catch in the afternoon and then delivering to the customers that evening - "They were long days full of hard work, but we enjoyed the challenge."

As the years progressed, Shellfish Ireland grew to become a respectable and reliable seafood producer. We are now the leading supplier of sustainable shellfish including crab, shrimp, lobster, and prawns, to the local and international markets. Our ethos is simple: we bring the bounty of Ireland's shellfish to the world in a sustainable manner so that future generations can enjoy this healthy and delicious natural resource.

The Company developed a state of the art facility 12 years later and was officially opened on the 31 of June 1999 by Michael Woods.

We grew our purchasing base to not only include local vessels that land daily but also to purchase off vessels along the south and west coast of Ireland. All of which is collected by our own vans and processed in our own factory.

Shellfish Ireland has developed a substantial range of products while always looking to expand their product offerings as we continue to innovate and grow.

Mission Statement

"Shellfish Ireland's strategy for growth is based on a long-term commitment to product quality and customer service. We are one of Ireland's leading Seafood Processors in Domestic and International markets operating from our own state of the art processing plant in Castletownbere, West Cork".

Key Sustainability Commitments

Supplier Certification

Shellfish Ireland play a leading role in protecting the long-term future of stocks through sustainability initiatives across our product range. They do this through Fishery Improvement Projects which provide a platform for fishermen, seafood buyers and suppliers to protect and improve a specific fishery by implementing a plan over a given time period. The main goal is to ensure the long-term protection and development of our Fisheries. Shellfish Ireland are active members in the Brown Crab FIP and the Prawn FIP.

As well as this, Shellfish Ireland participate in a lobster V notching program which aims to improve the sustainability of Ireland's lobster stocks by protecting female lobsters so that they can breed a number of times. V-notching involves manually removing a simple, V-shaped notch from the tail of a female lobster when first caught.

Water Reduction

A water reduction throughout the entire factory of 25% m3/t from the base year by 2023.

Energy Reduction

A 10% electricity reduction kWh/tonne from the base year by 2023.

Waste Reduction

A crab shell waste reduction of 45% per tonne from the base year by 2023.

Increased Community Engagement

Continue supporting and sponsoring local events/sports clubs/charities as community engagement is vital to Shellfish Ireland.