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Sliogeisc na Rossan

Membership Status:

Approved until 31 May 2023



Exemplary Performance Target Areas

Minimum Origin Green Targets Required Annually = 6

Spotlight Target Area: Packaging

Sliogeisc Na Rossan have been a member of the Origin Green programme since 2015. The company is dedicated to championing sustainability in order to increase their resource efficiency and minimize their impact on the environment when producing their high quality oysters. 

Being a verified member of Origin Green to date has enhanced their reputation internationally as a producer of high quality oysters and it allows them to highlight to their customers their commitment – independently verified - to sustainable farming and production. 

Since their involvement in the programme 5 years ago Marion Gallagher, who leads their Origin Green plan, has worked with the team to meet targets across all aspects of their business: Raw material sourcing, operations, employee wellbeing and contributing to their local community. 

Investing in Sustainable Packaging 

One of their exemplary performances for 2019 was for exceeding the sustainability target set to use more sustainable packaging options, instead of polystyrene. After transit trialling biodegradable cardboard packaging, the team looked for a stronger solution that would maintain the high quality of their product in transit. 

The team invested in a wooden box option and set a target for 2019.  The team doubled their targeted amount of wooden boxes, replacing polystyrene boxes by 8,400. The team strives to use even more sustainable packaging while their business continues to grow. 

We are honoured to be awarded Origin Green Gold Membership. Sustainability has been woven into the DNA of our aquaculture business and we are delighted to have our efforts recognised.

Edward Gallagher, MD/CEO


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