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Bretzel Bakery

Embracing ‘smart’ technology to achieve operational efficiencies

The Bretzel Bakery is a Dublin based bakery which supplies fresh bread to over 200 customers in the greater Dublin area, becoming synonymous as a producer of the highest quality bread.

As part of its Origin Green plan, the company is embracing the latest innovative technology to track its energy usage. Utilising an operational intelligence portal in partnership with the Irish company, Cognition, The Bretzel Bakery is ensuring the full optimisation of energy usage within its bakery.

Achieving optimum energy production standards

Automated live energy data is collected via data-capture sensors in the Bretzel Bakery’s Dublin site, feeding real-time production information into a live analytics platform. The platform alerts the company when energy production standards are not optimum, as well as pinpointing where savings can be made in energy or production quality.

The bakery captures over 30,000 data points each week to help it understand hard to track but expensive issues, such as:

  • ensuring gas and electricity ovens are being used at optimum times
  • over-cooling of freezers and efficiency of refrigeration
  • quality of dough production by managing both temperature and humidity
  • consistency of quality standards for temperature, shift patterns and machine use
  • water temperature tracking to negate the need for additional chilling

The outcomes from using intelligent alarming to manage activities are reduced operational costs, reduced costs of non-compliance, and much more efficient production processes, making the Bretzel Bakery one of the leanest artisan bread bakers in Europe.



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