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Maintaining employee engagement and wellbeing

Founded in 1999, Epicom is a private label food manufacturer producing milk based powder blends. The company has grown considerably over the years, now employing 300 staff in four locations around Ireland.

Epicom has always been proactive in encouraging and maintaining employee engagement and well-being. It believes in the importance of developing a workforce that is not only engaged in day-to-day work but is also involved in social sustainability initiatives like community support activities.

Social sustainability initiatives

Within Epicom’s Origin Green plan, the company took an innovative approach to social sustainability. Each year, it focuses on delivering one significant initiative under different themes. The themes chosen to focus on were employee fitness and nutrition, local community group support, employee language development, and employee smoking cessation. Focusing on different themes helped keep the employee engagement programme fresh and relevant and retain staff interest.


Notable initiatives

Over recent years, Epicom has carried out a number of initiatives over the span of its Origin Green plan, including employee outings and sweepstakes for employees. Notable projects include:

  • An employee fitness and nutrition event, which included a group talk delivered by qualified nutrition and fitness professionals, diet planning, fitness at work and at home discussion, and group and individual exercise planning.
  • Partnership with a local gym, providing free introductory sessions and group membership discounts for all employees.
  • The addition of an employee leisure room with entertainment and lounge areas.

These projects and initiatives enhance the positive culture within the company and optimise the physical, as well as mental health and wellness of employees.