Featured member, Pat Redmond

Brothers Pat and Tom Redmond own a large farm business spanning 120 hectares of grassland, tillage and vegetable crops. Their beef enterprise focuses on the rearing of over 500 Angus-cross heifer calves each spring. These cattle are carried through to finish in a coordinated manner so as to consistently produce 10 high-quality heifers per week.

Origin Green Farm Members

Farmers become members by participating in Bord Bia’s Sustainability & Quality Assurance Schemes. Origin Green encourages sustainable farming by expanding the scope and depth of sustainability measures tracked, measuring what matters such as greenhouse gas; biodiversity; water measures; energy efficiency; soil management and socio-economic factors. Following each audit, the farmer receives notification of the results in a feedback report on the farm’s performance, with reassessments every 18 months. This allows them to make informed decisions on improving the sustainability of their farms while also improving their efficiency and farm viability.

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Origin Green Farmer Awards 2018

The Origin Green Farmer Awards, recognise and reward the exceptional performance of its Sustainable Quality Assurance schemes for beef, horticulture and dairy. These schemes are pivotal to differentiating Irish food products in the global marketplace; participating farms meet high standards around food safety, animal health, welfare and traceability.